Emily, we moved please let me share!

We figured out how to get up to 20 videos on page 1 on YouTube instead of 1.

Think about that.

How many local business niches are there per city? Per state? Per country? Globally?

We are moving forward and are only asking business owners for 100 dollars a month for page 1 YouTube Domination. We share 50% of that 100 or 50 dollars a month.

Anyways we are bringing members and businesses on and hope I can share with you what we have going on.

Just email me and I will share.

We are going to change the world through cooperation. Competition is TOAST!

SP  watch this  effectivenessactivator@gmail.com



Project Connect

The START of the Movement to BETTER! Help me send the NFOP, newbie online failure paradigm to the woodchipper. haven’t we seen it FAIL 95% of the folks LONG ENOUGH?????????????

The time for BETTER is NOW!

Watch the video, if you believe what I believe, share this video with EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

Today you have been contacted, ANSWER THE CALL! We got a World to help!