Hello World! I am here to HELP!

I am Scott Powell, The Effectiveness Activator      

I am starting the Quick Start Challenge!

I was told once to Start With Why.

My Momma has Alzeheimers and I finally met a woman I cannot figure how to live without.

I am going to share Project AS with the World……Add Sound.

Peter Diamandis said “in the next 30 years it is not content that will be the game changer in Education, it will be “How To”!

Project AS’s product, the BLT…Bimodal Learning Tool will help the World with their new way to learn, with two senses.

Bill Gates invested 150 million dollars in Khan Academy.

Peter Diamandis says, “How To” is the game changer in how people will learn over the next 30 years.

I am going to take what Khan does and take it out to the people, all 7 Billlion of them.

See I MUST do this. I have to do it before my Momma cannot remember and got to impress my best gal Samm.

Some guys give flowers, I decide to impress Samm by Dual Coding the world!


This is my Destiny!

Will proceed in this order……..What, Why, How To, When!

Wanna help? 7 Billion is a pretty pretty big Niche for a newbie!

One other thing….95% of newbies online fail. These Quick Start Challenge guys know this

and are closer to solving the problem. So close.

Maybe if I was fortunate enough to get to work with them I could share the solution.

 It’s simple. Just people too close can’t quite see it.

I mean most paradigms are shifted by outsiders, right??


Scott Powell

Effectiveness Activator








12 thoughts on “Hello World! I am here to HELP!

  1. Hello Scott,

    Or should I call you Mr. Activator!
    Good looking site. Very different,..and so is your style.
    Looking forward to hearing more from you through this class.


  2. Beautiful site, Scott. Congrats on getting your video up and going. Really moved by your expression of wanting to help. Keep up the good work. (Just FYI, at the moment the content underneath your video is showing up twice in side-by-side columns on my Firefox browser.)

    • Hi Phil…..Many Thanks….will check on why the content shows up twice! I am not a technical kind a guy! I am fortunate I can even turn the computer on!!!! hehe Thanks again and anything I can do for you let me know.

    • Many Thanks Greg. You are into performance and are familiar with how the mind works. Isn’t it FASCINATING the way we have been conditioned to the Failure Online Paradigm? 95% failure rate just accepted as the way it is. I promise looked at with stepping back from it…..it is absurd. What do we regularly develop into habits we fail at 95% of the time? If I try I got to get better results than 5%! If I do not I STOP!!!!!!!!! LOL I know stepping back mentally is tough, people have scotomas, thing is this can be made immeasurably better just using a proven different business model. Anyways, MANY THANKS!
      If you have never heard of Trevor Blake….check him and his book 3 Simple Steps. Taking a class by him starting on April 30th….The Physics of Success. Can’t wait!

  3. It’s all in the mindset. If you think that you won’t succeed, you won’t. But success doesn’t come easy, it is a lot of hard work and commitment. Once that you are successful, and earn tons of money, that’s when it comes easy, because you know how to be successful .

    Keep up the good work

    – Frank

    • I agree 100% Frank….except!!!!! If I was wanting to learn how to fly a plane…..buying HOW TO info from a Guru and then going it alone!!!!!!!! Mindset at that point is kinda cut off at the knees. What would work out better is if I had the right mindset, had a Flying Guru IN THE COCKPIT with me as I learned to fly!
      Make sense????
      This online Paradigm of selling the folks HOW TO info and then pretty much leaving it up to them is for the birds.
      I mean have we not wasted enough time learning this model fails 95% of the time?
      I have a different idea. Wanna hear, let me know!


  4. I’ve noticed your comments/responses on another blog, and I wanted to offer some (hopefully helpful) feedback. First, you write in very choppy sentences which is difficult to read (this is an English teacher coming out in me). Reading your website, I really don’t know what you offer, and I think that is a huge detriment to you and your service – this is because of the information you provide or omit. Furthermore, choppy/short sentences can be interpreted as less-than-intelligent, and I am sure you don’t want that image. Work with someone to better articulate your message (instead of making people guess). You write so crypticaly, that I have a hard time even understanding your points you make on the blog. For instance, “I am going to share Project AS with the World……Add Sound”, but you don’t say WHAT you’re going to do. You instead list quotes from other leaders – what is your goal? SAY it…not ELUDE to it.
    I hope you take this as constructive criticism only. Good luck on your venture!

    • Melissa….don’t tell my Momma!!! One of my English Professors in college!!
      Hey, she has the PHD!!
      I am going to email you an email I sent to President Jimmy Carter today!!
      Read over it, edit send it back and I will resend it!!! Deal?
      When you read the email I sent President Carter you can see what Project Connect is.
      Honestly Mel I do not want to share too much cause folks better, faster, smarter than me will copy me before I can get out of the gate!!!
      So crypto is it!!!!
      Folks will find out soon enough when I’ve started sending ebooks to the woodchipper, ended world poverty and shared with the world their new way to learn!!!
      Many thanks now check your email!!!

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