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My Initial Video!
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Hello World! I am here to HELP!

I am Scott Powell, The Effectiveness Activator      

I am starting the Quick Start Challenge!

I was told once to Start With Why.

My Momma has Alzeheimers and I finally met a woman I cannot figure how to live without.

I am going to share Project AS with the World……Add Sound.

Peter Diamandis said “in the next 30 years it is not content that will be the game changer in Education, it will be “How To”!

Project AS’s product, the BLT…Bimodal Learning Tool will help the World with their new way to learn, with two senses.

Bill Gates invested 150 million dollars in Khan Academy.

Peter Diamandis says, “How To” is the game changer in how people will learn over the next 30 years.

I am going to take what Khan does and take it out to the people, all 7 Billlion of them.

See I MUST do this. I have to do it before my Momma cannot remember and got to impress my best gal Samm.

Some guys give flowers, I decide to impress Samm by Dual Coding the world!


This is my Destiny!

Will proceed in this order……..What, Why, How To, When!

Wanna help? 7 Billion is a pretty pretty big Niche for a newbie!

One other thing….95% of newbies online fail. These Quick Start Challenge guys know this

and are closer to solving the problem. So close.

Maybe if I was fortunate enough to get to work with them I could share the solution.

 It’s simple. Just people too close can’t quite see it.

I mean most paradigms are shifted by outsiders, right??


Scott Powell

Effectiveness Activator